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5 Rules Youth Soccer Parents Get Wrong

Originally published in Soccer America in 2015, here a good primer for parents explaining Offside, Ball out of play, Handling, Advantage, and Direct vs. Indirect kicks: “Five rules youth soccer parents get wrong at every game”.

It’s certainly human nature to be disappointed when things don’t go your way… and with our kids it can be much harder to really be objective. But when we criticize referees, it very rarely has a positive outcome. You’re never going to get a call changed.

The only thing worse than criticizing a referee for one of their mistakes is criticizing them when it’s actually you who are wrong.

So, before you attend your next game, be sure you know these five commonly misunderstood rules. Your new and improved “Soccer IQ” may just help swing things your way.

“Five rules youth soccer parents get wrong at every game”.

Chad Parish

Chad has coached recreational soccer since 2011: U10 Girls, U13 Girls, U16 Girls, and U19 Girls. He has served as Recreational League Director since 2013. He has a USSF E License, and was named Alabama Soccer's "Recreational Coach of the Year" in 2015.

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