Cleat Closet

The Cleat Closet is a player-organized club service project lead by our U19 players. The current Director is Jonah Wood (2022-2024).

The Cleat Closet was started in October 2018 by Anna Parish, and was directed by Maddie Williams in 2020-2021 and Meghan Henderson in 2021-2022.

The Cleat Closet collects gently-used soccer cleats, cleans and inventories them, and makes them available for free to Auburn Soccer Association players and families.

If your player needs soccer cleats, contact the Cleat Closet staff, and they will see what is available in your child’s size.

If you have cleats that your child has outgrown, please donate them today!

There is a Cleat Collection Bin located at the Soccer Complex Office.

For more information or for other questions, contact the Cleat Closet team.

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