Ask Me Two Questions

A great approach that I am going to try to start incorporating into our practices.

This is from Andre Sasser, a high school Math teacher in Louisiana:

Two years ago, I was saying “do you have any questions?” Last year I switched to “what questions do you have?” It made a difference. Today I tried “ask me two questions”. And they did! And those ?s led to more ?s. It amazes me that the littlest things have such a big impact!

Mac Matthews (Director of Thunder Academy) adds: “Words matters. I give my players one to two questions during our first water break that they are to figure out and answer during the 2nd water break.”

Chad Parish

Chad has coached recreational soccer since 2011: U10 Girls, U13 Girls, U16 Girls, and U19 Girls. He has served as Recreational League Director since 2013. He has a USSF E License, and was named Alabama Soccer's "Recreational Coach of the Year" in 2015.

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