The Coach’s “Welcome Email”

Below are the important parts to include in your introductory email to parents and players. Some coaches prefer to keep the first email short and attach a more detailed document explaining their philosophy, and some send a longer follow-up email.

Here are sample emails from four current recreational league coaches (in PDF): U8 Girls, U13 Boys, U13 Boys, and U16 Girls.

By all means, create and adapt a format that is effective and unique to your style and personality.

Your name, soccer background, and any coaching credentials. If your child is playing on the team, mention that.

The Players on your team
Share the names of the players on your roster.

Communication & Contact Information
Let parents know how you will keep in touch. Invite parents to your team on the MOJO app.

Parent Resources
A great resource which outlines the recreational league program and sets the tone for a successful season (and beyond): Also, all parents are provided a free membership to the Soccer Parent Resource Center (

Soccer Complex
Include the street address (2340 Wire Road) and a link to the field diagram (

When and where you play games. You may wish to mention details like the “dual-field method” in U6 and U8. U6 coaches, there is a helpful match demonstration (“Ball in!”) at

Preseason Camps
Not required, but a fun extra program for players before the games begin. It is also nice to work with fellow coaches in a less competitive environment, and it’s great to get to know all of the players. The Recreational League Committee will send details to coaches and parents.

When and where you practice. Mention the main topics you plan to cover. With the MOJO app, you’ll be prepared and have a plan.

Your approach to post-game refreshments. Need volunteers? Who coordinates the schedule?

What is provided, and what is required (shin guards, shorts, shoes). Mention jewelry (especially, no earrings). Bring water and a ball. Remind parents that there are free cleats available at the Cleat Closet.

Playing Time
Strive to distribute playing time as evenly as possible, and try players in every position at least once — and stick to it. What you’re offering your players now pays dividends years down the road. As coaches, we commit to our players’ long-term growth and development. See also “Why (and How) I Script Substitutions”.

Set your standards for players and parents (and yourself!).


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